Watch & Learn

about your own product and how your customers use it

See their reaction

Webcam recordings can be rewatched for better observations

Hear their respons

Not only video but also audio will be recorded to hear the reactions of your test-audience

Analyse behaviour

By analysing customer’s behaviour product optimalisation can be handled much more quickly

Get results in no time

UX Metrics

You sit back and relax while users take the test and we gather the results in no time!

Issues identification

Not only rough data, but clear insights in users do’s and don’ts

Customer feedback

Users make comments aloud and write them down online for optimal feedback

Moderated and Unmoderated



Help your participants take the test and guide them through it to make sure you get an answer to every question


Let your participants test your product on their own, following the scenario you set up for them

Easy for you

Provide your own story

Create your own questions

Activate the test yourself

Easy for participants

Test in browser

No need to download and install any software

Your own time, your own pace

No more losing time traveling to a UXLab

5 languages

Dutch, French, German, English, Spanish

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