Optimize conversion, customer satisfaction and increase revenue

Watch your customers interact with your website and understand why they convert or abandon

Optimize conversion, customer satisfaction and increase revenue

Why you need UXprobe

Why you need UXprobe

  • Get the reason behind the drop-offs
    in your conversion funnel
  • Optimize your website based on
    customer observations, not on guesses
  • Save on traffic acquisition budget
    by resolving usability issues first
  • Increase your customers’ satisfaction
    by learning directly from them
User Testing UXprobe See how it works Animation

UXprobe completes your understanding of customer experience

UXprobe explains behavior that analytics cannot

Analytics tools only show where customers abandon but not the reason why. UXprobe gives you the why.

UXprobe gives context to sentiment that customer feedback alone cannot

Customer feedback is based on memory and lacks context. UXprobe gives context that is actionable.

Conduct online User Testing

Build scenarios for your customers, see how they perform

Use User Testing to:

  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Collect qualitative data on customer performance
  • Measure their satisfaction in your website

Watch a customer performing a real test

Clients about UXprobe

“Using UXprobe we are able to identify not only what the most used and most valuable features of our offering are, but also identifying how well they work today. The ability to trace the circumstances of a failed user task is key in understanding how the truck drivers experience our product.”

Hans De Mondt

Senior Product Manager User Experience, Astrata Europe BV

“UXprobe tracks the actual experience of thousands of users. It provides development teams invaluable information on what could be better about their apps.”

Dr David Geerts

Research Manager mintlab - Social Spaces, iMinds, KU Leuven

Start testing now to find out where your users convert or abandon.
In a couple of minutes you are running your first test.

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