Test your customer experience
on real users in a couple of hours

Validate product decisions with real people rather than guessing what customers will do

Test your customer experience
on real users in a couple of hours

UXprobe at every stage of the development cycle

Continuously test prototypes to understand what works

It's cheaper to fix problems early before they're shipped. Iteratively change your designs before writing actual code.

Set feature priorities based on objective data

Stop trusting your gut or who is the loudest in the meeting to decide which features are most important. Let your users show you.

Validate the usability of your product to provide the best UX

Verify your product's performance and see if it is better than the previous version or your competition

How UXprobe works


A simple tool to create user tests

UXprobe user testing project simple interface

UXprobe user testing is easy to use. You can create test projects and start testing in a few minutes.


Test results displayed in real time

UXprobe user testing project simple interface

UXprobe displays all relevant UX metrics in real time. That gives you a clear picture on how well the tests are doing.


Recorded tests for easy review

UXprobe user testing project simple interface

Webcam and screens are recorded during the tests. You can easily filter, annotate and find the most relevant moments in your videos.

Watch a sample user test with UXprobe

“Using UXprobe we are able to identify not only what the most used and most valuable features of our offering are, but also identifying how well they work today. The ability to trace the circumstances of a failed user task is key in understanding how the truck drivers experience our product.”

Hans De Mondt

Senior Product Manager User Experience, Astrata Europe BV

"UXprobe is a great tool to collect meaningful customer insights and feedback on the UX of your online platform: extremely easy to use, both for the end users remote testing your application and the team processing the results. All of this, together with excellent support and service."

Lieven Bossuyt

Bingel Product Owner, Uitgeverij Van In

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