ROI of a Great UX

A detailed look on how UX can help your company’s bottom line

“Discover how integrating users all along your development process will provide a big Return on Investments (ROI) in different areas.”

Did you know that 79 % of users would only retry an app once or twice if it failed to work the first time? Developing a great app is a resource intensive, costly process and without incorporating user feedback early in your development process, you will be forced to make choices based on uncertain gut feelings, not to mention the user impact when your decisions do not match your customers’ expectations.

It’s time to act! Investing in resources and discipline to understand your customers is one of the best ways to deliver a great UX, and therefore a category winning app and a successful business.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

why app success depends on UX in several categories
how you can take action to deliver a great UX through User-Centered design, Usability Testing & UX analytics
why emphasizing on UX will deliver a higher ROI
 how you can calculate your higher ROI if you developed an UX focused app
how much earnings can increase across several industries due to good UX

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