UXprobe shows you how
people use your apps

You know what your app can do. You've conceived it, developed it, tested it. But once it's out there, how do people actually use it? UXprobe helps you answer that question.

Equip your app with UXprobe's tracker to get genuine insights in your users' behavior. Find out which tasks they perform, which features they use, which problems they encounter and more.

UXprobe shows you why people use your apps

Users can be happy. Users can get frustrated. And most of the time, your app's success depends on all of those feelings. That's why UXprobe's in-app feedback lets users speak their minds on what's bothering them - and what satisfies them.

UXprobe finds out why users stop certain tasks, why they like others and so on. If they want to express themselves, they might as well tell you how to make things better - instead of venting on a public forum.

UXprobe helps you
make the right decisions

Time, money, reputation. There's much at stake when you're launching an app. So you better make sure you make the right improvements. UXprobe enables you to continuously learn what your users do and - more importantly - why they do it.

Thanks to UXprobe, you'll know exactly what needs to be done. You'll be able to make informed decisions. And you can guess the rest: well-spent budgets, efficient development and happier users.

UXprobe tracks the actual experience
of thousands of users. It provides development teams
invaluable information on what
could be better about their apps

Dr David Geerts,
Research Manager CUO
Social Spaces, iMinds - KU Leuven

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Our team

Paul Davies


UXprobe is a Belgium based company. UXprobe was founded by Paul Davies, an engineer from New York and Jan Moons, a UX researcher from Flanders.

Paul has more than 20 years of experience in software engineering at startups and large corporations, including a stint working on Excel at Microsoft. He has built and lead multiple successful teams.

Jan has more than 15 years of experience as a software engineer. He is a certified usability designer. He spent almost 8 years as a user researcher at the prestigious Bell Labs of Alcatel-Lucent and has contributed to more than 20 patents.

Jan Moons



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