Build user friendly products
and increase your revenue

Get videos of customers & their screens
testing your website, app or prototype

Build user friendly products
and increase your revenue

UXprobe at a glance

Webcam videos, screen recordings and qualitative surveys

Watch videos of your customers: hearing what they think, seeing what they do and understanding where they get stuck or abandon

Results in a couple of hours or days, not weeks

Share the link of the test with your customers, they do the test at home, with their browser, nothing to install or download.

Easy to do it yourself or let UXprobe experts help

You can create engaging scenarios you want users to perform on your website yourself or let UXprobe’s experts do it for you

Why UXprobe is right for you

Validate design choices in a couple of hours or days, not weeks
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Test your customer experience
on real users in a couple of hours

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Max out customer satisfaction &
conversion by eliminating drop off in your funnel

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How UXprobe works


A simple tool to create user tests

UXprobe user testing is easy to use. You can create test projects and start testing in a few minutes.

Test results displayed in real time

UXprobe displays all relevant UX metrics in real time. That gives you a clear picture on how well the tests are doing.

Recorded tests for easy review

Webcam and screens are recorded during the tests. You can easily filter, annotate and find the most relevant moments in your videos.

Watch a sample user test with UXprobe

Quick Facts

Tests run in the browser, users have no giant software to download and install

Users test on their own laptop at home in a natural environment

Tests support five languages (Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish)

Videos are streamed and immediately available – no waiting for uploads

"I had done user testing in the past, but it takes a lot of time and effort: taking notes, making screenshots, collecting data. UXprobe gave me the opportunity to perform real user testing in a simple and independent way. Everything is recorded, the results are structured. I learn a lot and save a lot of time." Tom Lefevere

UX & Service Designer, Xerius

"UXprobe tracks the actual experience of thousands of users. It provides development teams invaluable information on what could be better about their apps." Dr David Geerts

Research Manager mintlab - Social Spaces, iMinds , KU Leuven

Start testing now to find out where your users convert or abandon.
In a couple of minutes you are running your first test.

10 videos for free, see how it works (no credit card required)

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