Xerius Case Study

How UXprobe can be used by a One-Person team

“See How a One-person UX Team Makes Time to Perform Lean User Testing.”

Xerius is a Belgian Enterprise Counter & Social Insurance Fund. As many services companies, Xerius also provides softwares that are developed in house. Tom Lefevere works there as UX designer. His responsibility is to ensure the quality of the user experience for each software that Xerius provides

In this whitepaper, see how Tom uses UXprobe to gather user feedback while developing a new accountancy app platform. He is able to bring users a step closer into the process, identifying real pain points and solve them.

In this case study, you will learn:

how UXprobe can be applied across several sectors, in this case: Accountancy
which challenges, such as limited budget and short on time, Tom was able to solve using UXprobe
how Xerius was able to quickly gather qualitative user data about their new platform
 which results Tom was able to get in just a short amount of time using remote usability testing