A Case Study about Van In

Continuous testing, Continuous improvement

“It is necessary to have a deep understanding of the product and its users, to discuss the videos from the user tests, and push through with improvements and changes”. – Lieven Bossuyt, Product Owner (Bingel), Van In

Van In, the largest educational publisher in Belgium, have made user testing an integral part of their product development process for their Bingel platform. They were able to get together a group of excited customers, ready to give feedback. Using UXprobe, Van In was able to gather this feedback easily and

Using UXprobe, Van In was able to gather this feedback easily, identify issues that they did not find during development and engage their customers with their brand.

This Case Study delivers all details of the project and the results of the user testing.

By reading the Case Study about Van In, you will see:

 why focussing on real evidence and data can help you make optimal decisions
how UXprobe can help integrate user testing seamlessly into your product development process
how you can easily increase user satisfaction by making continual improvements according to the behaviour of actual users
 how Van In was able to leverage its own customers by letting them provide meaningful feedback about their product