User experience (UX) is key in the development of any solution. That’s why startup accelerator Start it @KBC asked us to introduce their startups in the fascinating world of UX.

Having been accelerated by Start it @KBC ourselves in 2013, it is with great pleasure that we accepted the mission to passionately guide other startups with our expertise in user experience. Every participant in this acceleration program is entitled to 2 hours individual UX consultancy and 3 UX workshops.


This is what we offer them

  1. User research to discover user behaviour and needs.
  2. Interactive prototype building and support.
  3. Usability testing: validating the solution with real users.
  4. UX analytics: learn about user behaviour when interacting with the solution.


Discover our 5 tips

Start it @KBC asked us to introduce ourselves in a 2 min video. We couldn’t resist adding 5 tips for creating the best possible user experience of any solution. Discover them here:

Because it all starts with the user and that’s what we’re all about.


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Jan Moons
Co-founder & certified usability expert