This week, Fran D’haens, master student Culture Management at the University of Antwerp, is a guest author for our blog. While writing her master thesis, titled “A quality research of a cultural website. Case study at ‘De Vooruit’ in Gent”, Professor Patrick De Pelsmacker, the thesis’s promotor, advised Fran to use UXprobe to gather feedback from users for this research. This is Fran’s story on how she used UXprobe & what she thought of our tool.

While writing my master thesis, a quality research on a website of a Flemish cultural institution, my promotor, Professor Patrick De Pelsmacker, advised me to contact UXprobe. This proved to be a perfect match for my research, because of their software, I got the tools needed to test my theoretical framework in practice.

UXprobe’s software is very efficient, user-friendly and UXprobe’s staff assisted me throughout my entire research. An example of this, was when I was searching for the appropriate tasks and questions to ask my testers. UXprobe gave me expert advice on how to set up my test appropriately.

By using their software, you know exactly where certain problems of your website might be hidden after testing has concluded. In addition, the software is structured to make it accessible to all, allowing anyone (yes, even your grandma who might not be that technology savvy) to become a tester easily. Because the participants themselves can open the test with a link and the presence of the interviewer is not required, it’s also very time-efficient.

Due to the fact that everything is recorded (screen & webcam), including the sound, you can subsequently make a detailed analysis of the use of the website or product and the given feedback by testers. Because of this, you don’t have to deal with pen and paper during your research, instead, your focus can be given to the participant in full.

I recommend that anyone who researches the quality of a particular website, to try out UXprobe because their software is ideal for quickly and efficiently getting to know both positive and negative things about your website, application or design prototype.

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Fran D’haens
Student Culture Management at University of Antwerp