Tim Van Lier of VRT speaking about the insights gathered from using UXprobe’s platform for user experience research for the upcoming VRT NWS website.


On Thursday, June 8 2017, UXprobe and VRT held a joint presentation at the VRT Sandbox, Creative Circle V.

At this event, Jan Moons and Tim Van Lier shared about how using UXprobe helped in the scalability of user research and brought insights to improve the UX of the new website VRT NWS, which will be replacing the deredactie.be website this year.

Jan also spoke about the key benefits of performing user testing with UXprobe and how the tool provided analysis and effective results in a matter of days. Together with Tim, they showcased the results obtained from the user tests and how the information gathered can be applied in the progress of the project.

In this exclusive video, discover how Jan setup a user testing system that is fast, cheap and scalable to help Tim test the beta version with real users in their own environment.



If you are interested to know how the UXprobe and VRT user research project started, check out this earlier blog post: VRT uses UXprobe platform to redesign the deredactie.be



Jonathan Chua
Assistant Content Marketing at UXprobe