On Tuesday 23rd of June, we had very special edition of our monthly UX Antwerp Meetup: we organised a UX quiz! Among a few very technical questions, we also asked our UX fellows to list their 5 best UX blogs and Twitter account they follow. With no filter, the results:

Team 1 “De Volgelingen…” – Blogs:

Team “De Volgelingen…” – Twitter Accounts:

Team “Blue Screen” – Blogs:

Team “Blue Screen” – Twitter Accounts:

  • Jakob Nielsen – Nielsen Norman Group – @NNgroup
  • Jonathan Ive – no real Twitter Account found 🙂
  • Steve Krug – @skrug
  • Jeff Gothelf – @jboogie
  • Jan Moons – @moonsjan

Team “A-Team” – Blogs:

Team “A-Team” – Twitter Accounts:

Team “Blue Screen – the Original” – Blogs:

Team “Blue Screen – the Original” – Twitter Accounts:

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