First blog post, nice to meet you world!

 As for what we, UXprobe, are about, you will find all the information you need on our website and Social Media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Google+. As for who we are as a team, that is what I want to talk about today. Let me introduce our two co-founders: Jan Moons and Paul Davies. Jan and Paul met each other while working together at Bell Labs. While there they decided to found UXprobe together. The first idea of the start-up was conceived when Paul and Jan were working together building a cloud based video conferencing system. Paul was leading the R&D organization and Jan was responsible for the usability design of the system. That was the very beginning of the adventure. 
 UXprobe really happened in February 2013 when Jan and Paul applied for and won the iMinds iStart project. That first investment launched the foundation of the start-up. One year later, in January 2014, they applied for the Startit @ KBC start-up program and were amongst one of the 28 start-ups that was chosen. With this support, Jan and Paul worked side by side since then. Receiving coaching, following workshops, networking at the Startit events. And working, working, working. I joined UXprobe in September 2014 to devote myself to the communications side of the company, a task I will talk about another time. These last two years have been full of what each and every start-up experiences: epic ups and downs! The famous roller-coaster of a start-up’s journey. We decided to open this blog to share about our adventure, to provide knowledge or advice when possible, to reflect on our wins, choices and mistakes and also to have fun writing and posting about our ultimate goal: make it happen! ABOUT THE AUTHOR Isabelle Dro Digital Marketer Isabelle Dro Director of Communications